This is a project I worked on for the Longshot Radio/Radiolab collaborative project for the 99% Conference this weekend in NYC. Longhsot Radio is a group devoted to somewhat spontaneous, quick-deadline radio projects that connect radio producers from all over the place.

Radiolab asked them to come to the conference and, in 48 hours, produce a bunch of content on the themes of creativity and failure. I didn’t know if they’d want what I made, but I felt inspired by their theme (and their deadline) to make something. And they liked it! I made it onto their editor’s picks!

The piece is called “Something’s Missing,” and while it’s not perfect I’m happy that I could conceptualize, record, edit and mix it within the deadline. Big shout-outs to Jody Avirgan and everyone else at Longshot for your encouraging words!


Longshot Feature: Blake Cooper searches for inspiration as he builds his latest song. More of his work on Tumblr.